Vision 2030
AI Research Hub​

Identifying ALS subtypes, determining root cause(s), and developing targeted treatments for a future without ALS.

Uniting Forces Against ALS

Uniting Forces Against ALS

While the scientific community has made progress in ALS research, it faces formidable barriers, including insufficient funding, technology infrastructure, and data science expertise. These obstacles stifle the pace of discovery and innovation. But this is where the Vision 2030 AI Research Hub steps in to dismantle these barriers and chart a course toward unraveling ALS’s complexities.

Vision 2030 Roadmap to a Cure​

At EverythingALS, our mantra of “care to cure” is encapsulated in our Vision 2030 plan. Our mission transcends the conventional non-profit model, adopting a dynamic, for-profit mindset focused on achieving a singular, transformative goal: the eradication of ALS by the year 2030. This target year is not just a deadline, but a milestone driven intention, marking the moment we aim to render our services obsolete in a world liberated from ALS.


People will have a neurodegenerative
disease by 2030


Neurodegenerative disorders are the second-highest cause of death globally

90 mins

Every 90 minutes someone
is diagnosed with ALS

The Time to Act is Now

Our focus is on an emerging research category, repair and regeneration, and we will fund research using a disciplined approach in five areas...

Address the
root cause

Eliminate or reduce neuronal, glial and axonal dysfunction​

Discover novel

Repair or regenerate motor neurons, axons and glial​


Promote and accelerate repair and regeneration​


Return brain function and enhance quality of life​​

Pioneer new

Restore nerve-muscle connection and communication​

Our Research portfolio must follow these criteria

  • FOCUS, on repair and regeneration research (must fall into one or more of the five categories above)
  • FOCUS, on identifying subtypes and root causes
  • FOCUS, on a cure, including return of function and rapid drug development
  • FOCUS, on all forms of ALS

Turning Hope Into Reality

Join Us!

The pursuit of knowledge about the root causes and the intricate biological mechanisms leading to motor neuron loss in ALS, which we classify as “repair and regeneration research”, is desperately underfunded. To bridge this gap, we are embarking on a critical fundraising endeavor, aiming for an initial one hundred million dollars over the next year. This first round of funds will finance promising research to find a cure.

We invite you, and hope you'll join us.

“This an epidemiological emergency,
demanding immediate action.”

Dr. Merit E. Cudkowicz, MD

Distinguished neurologist & ALS researcher at Mass General and Harvard Medical School

1 in 300 People are Diagnosed with ALS