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Better Together

Vision 2030 is the result of the merger between EverythingALS and Cure ALS—two foundations united by a common purpose. Together, we have harnessed our collective knowledge of the ALS and neurodegenerative research landscape to formulate a comprehensive strategy aimed at finding a cure and restoring lost function to people living with ALS. At the heart of our efforts is EverythingALS, a patient-focused non-profit organization led by Indu Navar. EverythingALS is pioneering the use of technology innovations, such as artificial intelligence and data science, to bridge the gap from care to cure for those affected by ALS. 


A global, properly funded, and technology advantaged ecosystem that is united and focused on discovering the subtypes and root cause(s) of ALS.


Our mission is to accelerate the development of a cure for ALS by connecting researchers with the necessary data, technology, and partnerships to halt disease progression and promote nerve regeneration, restoring muscle strength and functionality for those affected.

Join the Vision 2030 Consortium

The Vision 2030 consortium is a collaborative, global ecosystem, uniting researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic institutions, hospital clinics, government agencies, and other private foundations dedicated to curing ALS and related neurodegenerative diseases.

We’re excited to welcome new partners to the Vision 2030 consortium and hope you’ll join our cause.

Meet the Team

Vision 2030 Strategy Committee

Indu Navar

Experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and investor driving innovative tech development.

Indu, a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO, and investor, founded the Peter Cohen Foundation, operating as, a nonprofit fostering collaboration among ALS patients, researchers, and providers. With 20 years of experience in software companies, she led successful exits and M&A activities. As a former Managing Director at Woodside Capital Partners, Indu advised software firms on financing and M&A. She previously was CEO and founder of Serus Corporation, acquired by E2OPEN, and contributed to WebMD and Silicon Graphics. Her career began at NASA. Indu holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Computer Science, and pursues a Ph.D. in Neuroscience.

Bill Nuti

Technology Leader and Board Director in the Fortune 500

Bill Nuti, a seasoned technology executive and board director with a distinguished career in Fortune 500 companies, merged his foundation CURE/ALS with EverythingALS to become Chairman of the combined entity, a non-profit inspired by Peter Cohen’s legacy that employs technology innovations and data science in the fight against ALS. Before this philanthropic venture, Bill led NCR Corporation as Chairman and CEO, transforming it into a software and services leader and marking his tenure with strategic achievements before retiring in 2018 due to an ALS diagnosis. With previous roles including CEO of Symbol Technologies and senior executive positions at Cisco Systems, Bill has been a dynamic force in technology, recognized for his leadership and advocacy in policy circles in Washington, D.C. His efforts have earned him recognition from Time Magazine and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the ATM Industry Association. Now focusing on EverythingALS’s mission to leverage data for ALS care and cure, Bill, a finance and economics graduate from Long Island University, resides in New York with his wife, Michele, combining his corporate acumen and advocacy to make a meaningful impact in the ALS community.

Jerry Newman

Senior Advisor driving transformative change in healthcare with extensive technology investment experience.

Jerry has over 4 decades of NASDAQ Trading, Institutional Investor coverage as well as technology and health care private and public funding. He has and continues to hold board of governor and board of trustee positions at leading hospitals, specializes in advising (predominately) health care startups with early funding and growth strategies, as well as M&A and IPO transactions. Jerry’s illustrious career includes leadership positions at top-tier investment banks such as Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Cowen and JP Morgan. He holds a B.A. from San Francisco State University and an MPA from Golden Gate University.

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