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If you’re dedicated to advancing repair and regeneration research, we invite you to share your work with us for potential publication on our website and consideration for grant funding. By completing our concise submission form, your research will be evaluated by our Scientific Advisory Board. A member of the board will reach out to discuss further opportunities and how your work aligns with our mission. Your contributions could play a pivotal role in our collective quest for breakthroughs. Please take this opportunity to connect with us and contribute to meaningful progress.

Repair and Regeneration, A New Research Category

Repair and regeneration is an emerging field of research with a focus on finding a cure for ALS. At its core, this research aims to comprehensively understand the root causes of ALS, encompassing all its potential subtypes.

If you are interested in having your repair and regeneration research published in our portfolio, please submit the form below.

Our focus is on an emerging research category, repair and regeneration, and we will fund research using a disciplined approach in five areas...

Address the
root cause

Eliminate or reduce neuronal, glial and axonal dysfunction​

Discover novel

Repair or regenerate motor neurons, axons and glial​


Promote and accelerate repair and regeneration​


Return brain function and enhance quality of life​​

Pioneer new

Restore nerve-muscle connection and communication​

Our Research portfolio must follow these criteria

  • FOCUS, on repair and regeneration research (must fall into one or more of the five categories above)
  • FOCUS, on identifying subtypes and root causes
  • FOCUS, on a cure, including return of function and rapid drug development
  • FOCUS, on all forms of ALS