Uniting Forces Against ALS

Together, along with our inaugural partners, MIT, Harvard Medical, and Massachusetts General Hospital, we have launched the Vision 2030 Research Consortium

About Vision 2030 Corporate Sponsorship Program

Vision 2030 is the top strategic priority for EverythingALS, a non-profit focused on care to cure for those suffering from ALS, the deadliest, most debilitating of neurodegenerative diseases. The Vision 2030 project is rooted in the repair and regeneration of motor neurons, and all the downstream research required to find a cure, prevent on-set, and restore lost function. The cause of ALS is hidden in an intricate biological construct of the nervous system. With the unique combination of technology and science our vision is to unravel the complexity of disease subtypes, causation and the pathways necessary to eradicate ALS, and by proxy, advance science in other neurodegenerative diseases that share common biology, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Frontotemporal Dementia.

Working with EverythingALS

Through strategic corporate philanthropy and Vision 2030 sponsorship,  EverythingALS will overcome the hurdles preventing science from discovering and efficiently administering curative therapies.

We are combining artificial intelligence technology, advances in quantum computing, powerful datasets, workflow innovation, and a data science support structure that will enable researchers to undertake once impossible analysis. This will profoundly impact society and usher in a new age for medical science.

We will work with the most gifted, generous companies in the world, with representation from every industry. Companies that culturally embrace corporate social responsibility and the higher purpose of conscious capitalism.

By partnering with us, your company will have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to our cause while also demonstrating your commitment to making a positive impact on humanity.

Corporate Sponsorship Levels









Advocate for Courage

$100,000 *One-time donation

Take the next step

At the sole discretion of  the corporate sponsor, donations can be funded over a 10-year period, in ten equal installments, or likewise funded in full. Additionally, for those businesses, private foundations, charitable trusts, donor advised funds, or individuals who do not want to participate at a sponsorship level there is the advocate for courage donation.